Item #: TC430
TC® Linen Fresh™ Gel Air Neutralizer Refills

Gels contain Microtrans® Odor Neutralizer to lock onto malodor molecules transforming them into a neutral base that eliminates unavoidable odors in the washroom. The unique gel formula provides a pleasant fragrance while controlling odors for a full 30 days. Biodegradable and the plastic refill cups are now recyclable, making an environmentally friendly system.

Longest Lasting Gels Available!

Additional Information:

Natural organic components and essential oils in our new polymer formula enables fragrance to evaporate on a full 30 day time-released basis. Combined with Autofresh™ Gel dispensers, this long-lasting polymer formula neutralizes "the unavoidable odors" creating a pleasant background fragrance.
 Polymer Formula
 Longest lasting-gels lasts 35 to 40 days
 Foil seal and cellophane bag ensure long-lasting shelf life
 Effective in area up to 3,000 cubic feet
 Compatible with other makes of gel fan cabinets