Item #: SCA231
Tork® Premium Soft Xpress Multifold 3 Panel Hand Towel - White

Superior appearance, hand feel, strength, absorbency and gentle on the hands with a high quality feel.
-High-performance towels mean customers use less, resulting in greater cost savings and reduced waste
-Attractive leaf décor designed to make a great impression
-Tork Easy Handling® box for easier carrying, opening and disposing of packaging
-System: H2; 2 Ply; Folded length: 9.1"; Unfolded length/width: 9.5" L x 9.1" W
-135 per pack, 16 packs per case

Maintain a high-end image with reduce waste and clutter. Hands dry faster thanks to greater absorbency and overall better performance. Contains minimum 50% recycled fiber, minimum 40% post-consumer fibers, environmental benefit and positive image builder.