Item #: ADV605
Advance SC450™ Battery Operated Scrubber - 98AH

Designed with simple and intuitive controls, it ensures easy operator training. A unique two-button control panel allows users to quickly switch between scrub and vacuum functions. For enhanced ease-of-use, the vacuum motor automatically shuts off when the tank is full to prevent overflow, the brushes and water turn off while the machine is in neutral. A safety on/off switch is located on the handle for operator convenience, enabling a quick shut down if needed.

Featuring open access to all critical machine components for easy maintenance.
-Max Speed: 3 mph; Voltage: 24V; IP Protection Class: IPX4
-Insulation Class: I; Brush Motor: 480 W
-Vacuum motor power: 330 W; Scrubbing width: 20"

Additional Information:

A large, 11.9 gallon recovery tank can be simply lifted to inspect and clean tank access to float shut-off. The squeegee blade can be easily removed or rotated without the use of tools. Solution Control™ calibrates the machine's solution flow, which enables users to meet green cleaning requirements by minimizing the use of water and detergent.

 Adjustable machine deck provides increased down pressure to optimize scrubbing for heavy-duty applications.
 Tips back with minimal pressure required for efficient transportation.
 Solution drain hose also functions as the solution level indicator while large recovery drain hose offers soft, squeezable section to enable manual flow control.
 Wrap-around ergonomic handle system provides operator comfort.
 Edge guide enables easy wall cleaning.
 Center-pivot designed squeegees provide 100% water pickup on turns.
 Non-marking rear wheels for maneuverability.
Airflow: 36 L/Sec 
Vacuum: 1,200 MPA 
Sound Pressure Level: 68 dB A 
Maximum Run Time: 140 min. 
Min. Turn-Around Aisle Width: 46" 
Water Flow: 0.105-0.422 
Solution Tank: 10.5 Gal. 
Recovery Tank: 11.9 Gal. 
Squeegee Width: 30" 
Brush Pressure: 66 lb. 
Brush Speed: 154 RPM 
Brush Size: (1) 20" 
Weight: 167 lb without batteries; 285 lbs with batteries.