Item #: 9520
ScottŪ Pro Automatic Hard Roll Paper Towel Dispenser - White

Provides electronic motion-activated dispensing with the option for an unexposed sheet, making it ideal for healthcare facilities.
-99.99% jam free, guaranteed, so you can count on its reliable, touchless operation
-Dispenses a single sheet with each activation
-Compatible with ScottŪ Pro towels with Blue Core plugs plus the stub roll
-Offers the quietest electric roll towel dispenser on the market
-Combines touchless technology with the bacteria-reducing benefits of drying with paper towels
-Holds one 8" diameter roll of Blue Core ScottŪ Pro hard roll towel plus stub roll
-Electronically dispenses 150,000 10" towels on four D-size alkaline batteries or an AC adapter

When installed properly and used with corresponding product, this dispenser meets ADA Standard 28 CFR Part 36, local rules may vary.