Item #: 9252
ScottŪ Control Slimfold Towel Dispenser - White

Provides enhanced hygiene solutions for critical environments and you can install it in tight spaces, were typical paper towel dispensers are just too big.
-This innovative dispenser holds 225 towels, so you'll need to refill it less often
-The clear vertical window lets you see when you're running low
-Designed for one-at-a-time dispensing, which reduces waste
-A lock to reduce pilferage
-Meets ADA requirements when properly installed and when using the recommended paper towel products
-Narrow wall mount unit measures 9.83" x 13.67" x 2.8"

Nurses' stations, tiny classroom sinks and small break room walls are a fit for this compact dispenser. Each compatible ScottŪ Control or ScottŪ Control brand towel is the same size as a regular folded towel (cleverly folded to fit). Sink visitors will only touch the towel they use, providing a hygienic hand drying experience.