Item #: MIN-FR 1500
Minuteman® Front Runner™ 1500 Electric Burnisher - 20"

Dual safety interlocks prevent unintentional start-ups and allow operator to start machine from either handle position.
-20" Pad diameter
-1 1/2 hp, 115 Volt
-50" Height

Additional Information:

Each machine is also equipped with a power indicator light.

 Handles are positioned for operator comfort which reduces user fatigue
 A cast aluminum housing and heavy-duty bumper prevent the machine and walls from damage. Rear wheels allow for easy transport.
 Carbon brush indicator light. This light alerts the operator when carbon brushes need to be serviced or replaced, plus, a 20 amp circuit breaker.
Pad Speed: 1500 rpm 
Cord: 50', 14-3 wire insulation 
Wheels: (4) 5" 
Switches: Dual safety interlock 
Circuit Breaker: 20 amp, push to rest 
Pad Pressure: Adjustable 
Warranty: 3 years parts, 1 year labor 
Weight (w/brush): 82 lbs